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Coping skills

A coping skill is a behavioral tool which may be used by individuals to offset or overcome adversity, disadvantage, or disability without correcting or eliminating the underlying condition. All living beings routinely utilize coping skills in daily life (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984, Aldwin & Revenson, 1987).

Identifying are own type of coping skills, what we used in the deal with specific problems, often helps. The range of successful coping skills varies widely with the problems to be overcome. However, the learning and practice of coping skills are generally regarded as very helpful to most individuals. Sharing of learned coping skills with others is often beneficial (Holahan & Moos, 1987).

Overused of some coping method may worsen individuals condition. The abuse of drugs or alcohol, substances often used for escape from problems, can lead to a wide variety of psychiatric symptoms and states as well to a greater health, social and economics problems (Weiss, Najavitis & Mirin, 1998).



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