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Victims' Symptom : glossary:behavioural-disorder-and-war
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Behavioural disorders (and war)

Behavioral disorders

General term used to denote mental illness or psychological dysfunction, specifically those mental, emotional, or behavioral subclasses for which organic correlates do not exist. The DSM-IV does not have the diagnostic category of “behavior disorder”, although it is included in the ICD-10. Although there is no clear definition of “behavior disorder”, it is usually meant to refer to a behavioral problem that is severe enough to warrant intervention, but which is not a part of diagnosable mental disorder (Kay and Tasman, 2006).



  • Kay J, Tasman A. Essential of Psychiatry. John Willey & Sons, 2006.

Behavioural disorders and war

In wartime people particularly exhibit pathological behaviour patterns and other kinds of otherwise hidden negativities. In war, death and life are at their closest - and most terribly distant. Everything that transpires in the areas of destruction, violence, aggression and other kinds of human conflict is almost always based on the intimate needs of the individual. The more powerful, the more terrifying they are, and the weaker, they are more vicious, and prone to radically bizarre crimes. Having that in mind crime should be prevented, which is possible if necrophiliaObsession with obtaining sexual gratification from cadavers ...c tendencies of the leaders are seen as such ahead of time (Kulenovic, 1999).

Marx and Freud thought that deviant forms of behavior may anticipate the alienation of the individual from both society and himself/herself. Khan thinks that person with deviant sexual bevior places an impersonal object or phantasy between the desire and object that again leads to alienation of a person from himself/herself and from object of desire. Sexual deviation is hard to accept, it is condemned, and it provokes great curiosity. There is a difference between compulsive symptoms and sexual deviation. Such deviations are exclusively connected with sexual behavior. Their characteristic is that they disable experiencing of the genital orgasm through the obstacles that could be overcome with the deviant act. Individuals with sexual deviations use repressionIn repression, the person is expelling or withholding an idea or feeling from the consciousness ... as a defensive mechanism. Sexual deviations are connected with fixations from a childhood. Such individuals do not experience greater or more potent pleasure than normal individuals, but it is harder for them to control their impulses (Kulenovic, 1986).



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